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Episode 21: Interview with Dr. Chief Taylor – Assistant Principal of the Freshman Center

Join the Average Brentwood Teens as they interview Dr. Chief Taylor, Assistant Principal of the Brentwood Freshman Center. Dr. Taylor shares his first hand experience growing up during the civil rights era, the many obstacles he faced and what drove him to join the air force. ✈️

Episode 20: Interview with Tom Tarantowicz the Brentwood Public Library Director

This week the ABT crew interview the man that made all of this possible, the Director of the Brentwood Public Library, Tom Tarantowicz. They discuss the daily life of a library director, suggestions for library (ball pit, indoor skydiving, helipad) and question how he maintains such a magnificent mustache. 👨

Episode 18: Interview with Officer Eiffel Ramirez

👮 Our teens bring the heat this week when interviewing Officer Eiffel Ramirez! Find out if he is a Mets or Yankees stan, the craziest thing that has happened to him on the job, challenges he faces as a police officer and whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. 👮